Today's leading companies rely on sales force outsourcing solutions from crmprocorp to help generate greater revenue. B2B sales outsourcing allows your company to explore new sales methods, which will ultimately add to your bottom line. At crmprocorp LLP we can help your company dramatically increase sales, while improving customer relationships and enhancing product presence.

We start by assigning a group of our qualified professionals to work as your outsourced sales force. Your assigned sales team will work with your company exclusively to ensure your sales force outsourcing solutions are customized to not only increase sales, but to also help reduce costs. Our trained associates will dedicate themselves to learning the operations and services of your company to ensure that our sales force outsourcing solutions will exceed your expectations. Your West Business Services sales team will continuously help your company win new clients and identify new opportunities for growth.


Customization and Integration

"If CRM out of the box won't provide you exactly what you need, use crmprocorp Shark-ability concepts and tools to enhance the existing CRM solution to better meet your or your customer's needs."
 At crmprocorp, we specialize in helping small and mid-size businesses integrate Salesforce with their other applications through our Fast Track Integration Package. We remove the complexity of integration and provide a complete solution that solves a variety of problems. In only a matter of days, we can migrate your data to Salesforce and synchronize account, contact, product, pricebook, and custom objects.


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"With Sites, crmprocorp can help you reach external or internal audiences quickly and effectively without the hassles of traditional website development. Using the innovative platform, we build far more than just basic websites. Instead, we create robust, user-friendly sites that include databases, workflow and approval rules, analytics, and integration with your back-end systems. And, you can name your website on a unique domain or own your own branded domain. " Personalized applications are augmenting the edges that your entity retains over your contemporaries. Perhaps that is why, every organisation is emphasizing on developing customized apps such as HR apps, inventory apps, website apps, applications for social media optimization and customization of the blog online.
             At crmprocorp, our adept professionals are veteran in this particular genre and assisting the clients often in the development and installation of their customized applications. The finely crafted and created applications at crmprocorp are the sheer blend of contemporary technology and unsurpassable expertise that further inspire our counterparts in the domain of our operations.


 Our expertise is in the following areas:

                                        Apex Coding
                                        Visual Force
                                        Web Services integration

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Customer Trending / Activity Management

"It’s not enough just to track your efforts, but the power of CRM is designed to enable your users to make informed decisions relating to your customers, their trends andthe effects on your business. "
     "If you are looking to go beyond reporting and management and want to explore what an crmprocorp customized CRM solution can do for your company, give us a call. "

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Salesforce Consulting and Training

"Holding an expertise in Saas (Software-as-a-service) consulting and training, crmprocorp is often dealing with numerous clients. Certainly, the market is brimful of SaaS consulting firms, however, our worldwide presence, prompt assistance, strong customer base, rich experience, and economical prices have already marked a niche for us in the domain of our operations, which indeed is a matter of pride for us.
            Being a veteran service provider, crmprocorp certainly comprehends the issues that company's management constantly stumble upon while dealing with numerous departments. And contemplating this fact, we're sharing our comprehensive set of consulting and training services, which are solely intended to rectify the errors in your business environment.

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