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To stay secure you should be running the most recent version of your licensed product and have the most up-to-date security content.

licensed product and have the most up-to-date security content.

Our Client Says

crmprocorp has been outstanding in there delivery of works. I am very much impressed with their commitment throughout my assignment.
The teams dedication and support has genuinely made a difference. Thank you for your services.
I am very glad to recommend them.
Good Luck..!
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"As we understand that the crux of business is 'trust', in attaining this, We do the job with utmost perfection. Our commitment to work is proven by becoming partners of Microsoft in short span of time. Since then, we always succeeded in placing our customers in most comfortable zone they could ever imagine, by outreaching their expectations a way ahead and we continue to do so."

Our teams are well renowned for their problem solving techinques. The teams always have their bull eye on leveraging the services to their best. You believe us and we shall lead you to triumph


Software Development Methodologies:

We follow, either Agile or SDLC software development methodologies, based on the type of the project and the Customer's necessity. We have teams well versed on these implementations.

Agile is one of the best proven methodologies, which promotes the team work and collaboration of the all the stake holders of the project. The main advantage of Agile is that, long term planning is not essential here. It works on iterations. Either Test Driven Development (TDD) or Functional Driven Development (FDD) are the approaches that are commonly used. The SCRUM is the methodology we follow for the Agile Project Life Cycle implementation. This we prefer for any new product development. Sprint is basic unit of development in the Scrum development methodology. We deliver the whole product in sprints spanned for almost 4 weeks.

Traditional Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is another methodology, which is the most known. Each phase has a deliverable and deadlines set to the stake holders. SDLC forms the framework and executing and controlling an Information System. Waterfall model is the oldest implementation of the SDLC, where there are almost ten phases in the life cycle and each phase is an input to the consecutive phase. Project initiation to Project wind up, the steps in SDLC are very common.

Quality Drive:

We are aimed at ISO and CMM Level 3 certifications down the line, we have Quality Managers versatile on the process and its implementation, who will be working close with the teams, ensuring a high quality software. We at crmprocorp® have a predefined set of processes and guidelines, which the Quality teams will be enforcing the Delivery to take care of during their implementation.

Centre of Excellence:

There are different COE teams in horizontal and Vertical Verticals working on different domains excelling the teams in the respective competencies. We have authorized certified professionals from diversified technologies and domains.